SCORE is a sports infrastructure and development company that builds, owns and operates sports facilities for grassroots development of sports in India. Score is constantly evolving and with the technical backing of MarwahSphere,aims to be the premier player in the Sports Infrastructure and Education sector in India. VISION: We aim to be the leading Sports Infrastructure and Education company in India, empowering India to become a sporting powerhouse. MISSION: We want to provide young footballers across the country with the best sporting facilities and education to hone their game, thus enabling and encouraging them to embrace a sporting culture.



Birthday Parties:

INR 1250/ person
Minimum - 15 persons

Number of hours 2 hours
Food YES
Cake Custom football themed cake
Party Host YES
Digital Invitations YES
Captain’s armband YES
Coaching for the kids by a certified coach YES (30 minutes)
Game YES (30 minutes)
Goodies, medals and trophies YES

Field trip:

INR 1000/ person
Minimum - 30 people

Number of hours 4 hours
Food YES
Theory Coaching for the students (sports theory, diet management) YES (90 minutes)
Practical Coaching (sports + fitness) YES (120 minutes)
Participation Certificates (sporting partners) YES
Description Silver Gold Platinum
Number of hours 10 - 15 /month 15 - 40 / month 40 /month
Company Branded football YES YES YES
Custom bibs and jerseys (sports partners) NO NO YES (upto 10 nos)
Last minute cancellations NO NO YES
Dedicated Account Manager NO NO YES
Video Recording NO NO YES
On-field advertising NO YES (1 boards) YES (3 boards)
Certified fitness Coaches NO NO YES (5 hours each month)

Score Turf Prices (Per Hrs.)

Football (Saki-Naka)

Time Weekdays Weekends
5:00 - 08:00 1700 1700
08:00 - 11:00 NA 1700
11:00 - 17:00 NA 1500
17:00 - 01:00 2100 2100

Football (Parel)

Time Weekdays Weekends
07:00 -8:00 NA 2000
8:00 -9:00 NA NA
9:00 - 10:00 1900 2000
10:00 - 15:00 1700 1900
15:00 - 17:00 NA 2100
17:00 - 19:00 1900 2100
19:00 - 22:00 1900 2000
22:00 - 00:30 2000 2000

Cricket (Saki-Naka)

Time Weekdays Weekends
5:00 - 08:00 1700 1700
8:00 - 17:00 NA 1700
17:00 - 01:00 2100 2100



1. I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson! Can I wear his custom boots and do a moon walk when I score a goal?

We are huge fans of the 'King of Pop' too, but sadly, our turfs aren't. It hurts them physically and we've heard emotionally, too. We would love it if you could keep all that leather for the concert. You can wear astro or moulded boots, strictly no blades or metal studs allowed.

2. Can I hold a tournament at your turf?

Yes. We absolutely love it when people fight! We mean, for the trophy. Physical fights are for the Fight Club! Ouch, did we just break Rule no. 1? Ok, please get in touch with us to avail of our tournament organising services.

3. I absolutely creamed that shot and took the absolute mickey out of the goalkeeper! Can I get a video of it to show my mates?

Yes! Tell us the goalkeeper's name and we shall join in on the fun. You know what sounds like a good idea? Tagging him on our page, and then tagging his friends, and maybe his girlfriend?

4. I just got fouled by the opposition! What do I do?

You're playing football, not chess! It's a contact sport. Stop cribbing, get up and get on with it. But yeah, if it really hurts a lot, ask our facility manager for the first aid kit.

5. Can I eat/drink on the turf?

Hey, we love food too! And we go to the pub for that. Not to the turf.

6. Do we play underarm or overarm?

Well, that's up to you and your mates! We are not the ICC and won't call you out for chucking in case that ever comes up.

7. Can we play with season ball?

No. Please, just no! Tennis balls only.